Commercial References

The Florida Movers have worked with the following companies. If you want to know what it’s like to work with a professional moving company, ask them about their experience with The Florida Movers.

Company Name

Contact Person

Phone Number


Wholesale Furniture

Stephanie Bokowski

(904) 808-0585

T.  Gregory Imports

Todd Gregory

(904) 247-4555


Olde Carriage Realty

Mike Delorenzo

(904 824-4500

Law Offices of Angela Leduc

Angela Leduc

(904) 823-0097

Deltona Realty

Bonnie Jones

(904) 669-1449

Lazy-Boy Furniture Galleries

Lawrence  T.

(615) 305-6714


Mardi Gras

Pat  Paolini

(904) 823-8806

Hall of Fame

Henry Leduc

(904) 377-3869


INDI Financial Insurance

Gene Lalonde

(386) 316-8964

Rooms To Go ( Sales)

Greg Storms

(904) 881-8349


Rooms To Go (Manager)

Lindsay Summers

(904) 260-3300


Rooms To Go (Sales)

Buckey Miller

(904) 707-2592


312 Storage

Ed Woss

(904) 808-1312

Taylor/Waino & Neville, P.A.

Dale Taylor

(904 484-5008

Lighthouse Interiors

Phil Moore


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