Customer Testimonials

The following are just a few of our many testimonials. We pride ourselves on a careful and timely delivery schedule, all while remembering that you have a fiducial responsibility to find the most cost effective moving company.

We use The Florida Movers service on a regular basis and are extremely pleased with their professionalism, prices, and their promptness. I have customers call me to let us know that they were very pleased with their delivery service and they will often call The Florida Movers for their own personal needs.

Wholesale Furniture Outlet
1764 Tree Blvd. #1
St. Augustine, FL 32086

Dear The Florida Movers,

I just wanted to say thanks for the great service we’ve received from The Florida Movers! They moving pros were prompt and professional. I was a little worried about some particular items that we thought would be hard to move undamaged but they pulled it off! They put a lot of focus on wrapping our things to ‘shield’ it from dents and dings. It was great. You can tell by watching them that they’re very experienced at what they do.

I think from the very first phone call to the last load being placed in our new location, the entire experience was pleasant and efficient. The moving crew moved at a steady pace and were always ready to adapt to things that might have been challenging. These guys really worked well together!

Overall, I think they did a superb job on service and care of our possessions. It’s hard these days to find businesses that you can truly trust. We’re really glad we chose this professional company to handle our valuable and irreplaceable things. We would recommend that any family or business should use the moving services of The Florida Movers. They rise to the occasion and really fit their name!

Many thanks,
Gary Walton

The Florida Movers have been delivering furniture to our customers for the past 3 years. They provide excellent service for every delivery and to every customer. From when they pick it up from our store, wrapping every piece, till its in the customers home, and finally set-up and in place where specified by customer. They are our customers last impression of Lighthouse Interiors which is why we are proud to have The Florida Movers.

Phil Moore
Lighthouse Interiors
304 Anastasia Blvd.
St. Augustine, Florida

Dear Mr. Leduc (and The Florida Movers),

This is to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and The Florida Movers for making our move from our condo to our new home such a pleasant, no-stress experience. Of course, on the appointed day of the move, we woke up to rain, which I thought would wreak havoc for you, us, and our belongings…but sure enough, you arrived prepared and faster than I could have imagined, got our furniture and personal items on your truck without any rain / water damage.

Naturally, I worried about getting everything off the truck at our new house, since the rain had not yet stopped, but again, you did a wonderful job of protecting our furniture as well as covering the floor space that you and the other movers had to repeatedly walk over. Your service was excellent, your staff was friendly and competent, and for the price, I think we got a great deal.

We’re glad we chose you as our movers and wouldn’t hesitate to call on you again (in fact, we will call you when we buy our pool table!) I’ve already made sure my friends know about your company and the positive experience we had so that they, too, call you for a job well done.

Thanks again. Hope The Florida Movers continues to be the top-rated all-purpose transport company on which First Coast customers rely!

All the best,

Lynne and James Haase
252 Redfish Creek Drive
St Augustine, FL 32095