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Oldest City Carousel|Movers Jacksonville Fl

June 1, 2014 by  
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Most towns and cities have playgrounds, but can they boast that they have a carousel? In the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, there is a unique-looking carousel, said the movers Jacksonville, Fl.
With 20 gaily painted horses that go up and down and two chariots, the J&S Carousel plays music reminiscent of old-time circuses and country fairs. Built in 1927, it was known as a C.W. Parker Carousel and bought by Ringling Brothers Circus performer Gerald Soules. After his death, his brother, James, inherited the carousel. To honor his brother’s memory, he decided to “keep it going” for children and the young-at-heart. Except for a short hiatus to make some repairs — Soules does all painting and repairing of the carousel—it has made its home at 180 San Marco Ave. since 1992. The carousel, which features its own ticket booth, charges one dollar per rider. “It’ll always be a dollar,” said Soules in a recent phone interview.
Situated across the street from St. John’s County Public Library, the carousel is housed inside Davenport Park, a fully handicapped-accessible park that includes a climbing structure, swings and slides, as well as a picnic area, said the movers Jacksonville, Fl.
J&S Carousel is open year-round, seven days a week. Hours of operation are: Sunday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday, from 10 a.m to10 p.m.
This is a great place to bring youngsters and, last but not least, the entire park is fully enclosed.
You’re never too old to ride the carousel, said the movers Jacksonville, Flcarousel movers jacksonville 157x300 Oldest City Carousel|Movers Jacksonville Fl.

By: Patricia A. Russell

May is National Moving Month

May 26, 2014 by  
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Is there a For Sale sign in your future? May is national moving month, the kick-off of the moving season, said the movers Jacksonville, Fl. While people do move all year long, many Americans pack up their belongings and relocate from May to September.

Families especially move between Memorial Day and Labor Day. That’s because school children are typically on vacation then.
“Late May through early September is logically the best time of the year for families with school-aged kids to move,” said the movers, Jacksonville, Fl., adding that it’s easier for children to transition from one grade to another at the start of the school year rather than in the middle of it.
Once you decide to relocate, it’s never too early to start your search for a reputable moving company. This is a good time for getting information about movers and moving companies. If you don’t have a reference from family members or friends, do your homework. Don’t fall prey to unlicensed movers and get moving quote information. You can check out a moving company on the Better Business Bureau’s website. There, you can view customer testimonials as well as complaints. Know your rights as a consumer and check out Protect Your Move.
While some moving companies could be your worst nightmare, there are more movers who go the extra mile. And don’t base your decision solely on the cheapest price. When moving your valuable belongings, remember the adage: you get what you pay for, said the movers Jacksonville, Fl.

Written By: Patricia A. Russell

Home Organization|Movers Jacksonville

May 20, 2014 by  
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Pick up any magazine and you’ll see an article about home organization. De-cluttering is the new buzzword. And, while it seems like a good idea to let some things go, certainly it’s smart to take a bit of precaution so any “real” treasures aren’t tossed. Yes, sometimes people’s basements may be piled with dust-covered things and enough boxes to cover the windows.
A word to the wise: just don’t be so zealous in clearing away items before a move, that you throw away something of value, said the movers Jacksonville, Fl.
Yes, toss out old clothes, newspapers, magazines, boxes and furniture. But if you come across a box that intrigues, perhaps wrapped in special paper or canvas cloth or hidden in some way – you get the idea – you may just want to take a peek inside. Sometimes, it’s okay to let curiosity get the best of you, said the movers Jacksonville, Fl.
Imagine discovering classical sheet music, show tunes and war songs in a box in the basement. You could find a new passion: classical music. You may come across a box of old family pictures, even heirlooms. Old toys could be collectibles.
Do research before you organize so much that you toss things away that have resale value. That Jackie Kennedy head vase you found in a dented box? Had you tossed this, it would be like throwing several hundred dollars away. That’s what eBay sellers have gotten for it. Indeed, get rid of junk, but do it carefully, said the movers Jacksonville, Fl.

By: Patricia A. Russell

Traveling With Pets

April 18, 2014 by  
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Picture this: three dogs, 10 cats and two adults traveling in a motor home. No way, impossible, said the movers Jacksonville, Fl. But, when Susan and John Whittenton visited family in Rhode Island, the New Smyrna Beach, Fl., residents chose not to go alone.

A bit of a tight squeeze, right? “Not really,” said Susan, adding that the three dogs (small, medium and large) hung out in the main living area and on the sleeper sofa. Six cats stayed in assembled cages situated where the traditional overhead, front bunk is typically located. “John took the mattress out and wedged the cages so they fit snug and wouldn’t slide when we turned a corner,” she laughed, adding that the other cats took turns joining the free-to-roam cargo. Foxie, the oldest kitty at 20, had alternative plans. “He jumped on my lap and then onto the dashboard and sprawled out and enjoyed watching the traffic,” Susan said.

The movers Jacksonville, Fl., were curious about the travel arrangements. Have a schedule, a plan, the couple said. Sleeping arrangements? “Six cats slept (in cages) above our heads,” Susan said. The other furry creatures slept on rubber sheets. During rest stops, the dogs took potty breaks. Disposable aluminum pie pans filled with sand served as cat litter boxes. “You do what works,” she said, adding that other than a few meow choruses, it wasn’t bad. “We’d do it again,” she said. While this travel mode may not appeal to everyone, the movers Jacksonville, Fl., suggest pet owners consult their vet.

Mobile Society

April 5, 2014 by  
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In today’s mobile society, it’s rare to find folks who’ve not relocated. Millions change their home addresses each year, said the movers Jacksonville, Fl. Among the top states to move to are Oregon, South Carolina and North Carolina, according to recently published moving data by United Van Lines. Career and lifestyle changes are often the driving force, the annual migration study continued. Reasonable living costs, thriving economies and, of course, fantastic weather appeal to singles as well as to families.

The movers Jacksonville, Fl., pointed out that, because of these state’s milder climates, many recreational activities and celebrations happen yearlong.

Ranked 10th in size in the United States, Oregon offers a host of activities including the Portland Rose Festival, a major event. There’s the world-class Peter Britt Music Festival and the internationally- acclaimed Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Silver Falls State Park features 10 magnificent waterfalls.

From fishing tournaments to art festivals to balloon launches, South Carolina has it all. There’s also the legendary Darlington Raceway which welcomes NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series races, and, in Aiken, S.C., there is the traditional Triple Crown with flat racing, steeplechase and polo.

North Carolina boasts the highest mountains on the east coast. It has 300 miles of beaches and two of the most-visited attractions in the National Park Service: the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Great Smoky Mountains. Cape Hatteras holds the title for the country’s first national seashore.

No matter where you choose to live, the movers Jacksonville, Fl., will get you there.

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