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Important Moving Quote Info

Getting multiple moving quotes is simple, but do you know what you are getting when you are requesting them? There are a couple of different types of estimates out there, and you should be aware of the differences before you settle on which company that you plan on hiring. The main types of quotes that are out there include binding quotes and non-binding quotes. Knowing the difference between the two can make all the difference in the world.

Legally Binding

A binding moving quote is perhaps the best to get when you are moving. These quotes are legally binding contracts that cannot change at the end of the move. When you request free moving quotes from a moving company, you should always request this type of quote. You cannot get a binding quote over the phone, no matter what another moving company will tell you. Reputable moving companies will not provide such binding documents until they have visited your home and seen what you plan on moving. This is normal, and should be considered a requirement for any move or relocation. All in home quotes provided by The Florida Movers are legally binding!

Agent Quotes

Most moving companies have agents that offer a local and long distance moving quote to anyone who asks. Consumers should be aware that these quotes are not binding, nor do they have to be honored by the moving company. Agents are often hired by the companies to do this work, as it is time consuming and does not always offer valid leads for business. At the same time, companies do know that they do not have to honor any quote offered by the agent, so you should always contact the company itself and get the quote in writing from them before you hire. The Florida Movers does not use agents.

Non-Binding Estimates

Many companies will be quick to offer you a non-binding moving estimate, and you need to be aware that this quote can change at any time. Non-binding versions of quotes do not have to abide by laws or other rules that govern binding quotes. Instead, these estimates can be offered low and raised when the movers arrive at your new home. While not all companies do this, you should be aware that many moving scams operate on low estimates that all of the sudden become huge costs when your belongings are delivered.

Information and Knowledge

Knowing about moving estimates can mean the difference between an easy move and a difficult one. You need to be able to make an educated choice in moving companies based on the quotes that they give you. Knowing this, you can easily see that some lower quotes might not always be the best way to choose a company.