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Packing Prices

Having your items professionally packed by The Florida movers will allow you to concentrate on the many other tasks associated with your move. If you are feeling overwhelmed or just don’t have the time, just let us know and we will pack as little or as much as you need. If you plan on packing yourself, we will deliver moving boxes and supplies prior to the move. Please scroll down to view our selection of moving boxes and supplies. Free Delivery Available!

Book Box (Small 1.5 cubic feet) $1.50
These smaller boxes are designed for heavy items, such as books, magazines, records, CD’s, wine, canned goods, dry food, kitchen utensils, hand tools, cosmetics.
Height 16 in Width 16 in Depth 13 in
Linen Box (medium – 3.1 cubic feet) $2.50
These boxes are for non-fragile and moderately heavy items, such as pots, pans, games, toys, shoes, lampshades, pillows, etc.Height 16 in Width 18 in Depth 18 in
Large Box (4.5 cubic feet) $3.00
These boxes are designed for bulky articles such as folded clothes, linens, pillows, comforters, baskets, large pots and pans, lamp shades.
Height 24 in Width 18 in Depth 18 in
China/Dish Pack (5.2 cubic feet) $4.75
These are “extra-thick” walled boxes specifically designed for dishes, china, glasses, small pictures, lamps, and other fragile items. The double-wall cardboard are specifically designed for extra protection.
Height 28 in Width 18 in Depth 18 in
Wardrobe Box (10.1 cubic feet) $12.00
These boxes are equipped with a metal bar so that hanging clothes may hang naturally. Approximately, 2-3 feet worth of closet space will fit in one wardrobe box.
Mirror/Picture Boxes $1.75(per slice)
The picture boxes are used in conjunction with the paper pads to offer pictures, paintings, and other framed items reasonable protection from damage during transit.
Mattress Bags (various sizes) $7.50
These plastic bags are sized for various mattresses and provide excellent protection during the move.
White Packing Paper (25 lb. bundle) $30.00
Used to wrap breakables without leaving unsightly ink smudges that you’ll have to clean later, such as when using old newspapers.
Height 24 in Width 36 in Sheets 500
Packing Tape (per roll) $1.75
Packing tape offers even one more level of strength over the Professional Movers Tape, yet it is easy to tear with your hands.
Bubble Wrap (per box) $25.00
Bubble wrap offers an unmatched level of security for your breakables. Rolls of bubble wrap are perforated every 12 inches for easy tearing.
Length 150 ft Width 12 in
Letter-size File Box $3.25
Protects all your important files, documents and papers. Inter-locking construction of file box requires no tape. Side handles on file box make it easy to pick-up and move. File boxes are perfect for long-term record storage.
Height 24 in Width 12 in Length 12 in
Lamp Box $4.00
Flat Screen TV Rental Box $20.00

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