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The Florida Movers –Storage:

The Florida Movers offer a complete state of the art storage solution perfect for your treasured belongings.

The Florida Movers professional movers will wrap and pack your goods and store them in our dust-free and secure environment for as long as you need. And, oversized items are no problem!


  • A detailed inventory is taken at pick-up as all furniture is pad-wrapped and then shrink wrapped.
  • A copy of the inventory is given to the customer when the job is completed.
  • Your belongings are transported back to our warehouse and carefully loaded into storage vaults. EVERYTHING STAYS PAD-WRAPPED UNTIL DELIVERY.
  • Your vaults are then labeled and stored away until delivery.
  • Upon delivery request your belongings are un-vaulted and loaded on the truck to be delivered to your final destination.


  • Security system on premises.
  • Your belongings are stored in our warehouse where only employees of The Florida Movers can access them.
  • Only warehouse managers will be responsible for stacking vaults and tracking of each customer.
  • Warehouse is clean and bug free unlike outside storage units.

Be sure to ask us about our available storage solution.
Our pay-as-you-store system guarantees that you’ll never be charged for space you don’t use. We don’t charge an up-front deposit and our low rates will save you money.

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